Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Last Reminders - Primary Program

It's almost here - our annual Primary Program!

We hope that you are excited to see all the children have learned so far this year.  They have been working very hard practicing and preparing.  It is also a great opportunity to share what they have learned with their friends, teachers, and neighbors.  We still have lots of invitations available.  If you would like some, just contact the sister missionaries or Sarah Stevens.

For the day of the program, just a few reminders:
  • Please take your child to the bathroom before the program starts.
  • Remind your child to look up and speak slowly and clearly - perhaps have them look at you in the audience while they say their part at the podium.
  • During the open house, parents will be responsible for watching their children, so please wait for your children to come to you after the program before moving back to the open house area.
  • After the open house, all children will go to the Primary room for the third hour, and nursery children need to be taken to their small classrooms.
Thank you for all of your help!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Getting Ready for the Primary Program

All right, Primary families!  It is that time of year again!

Our Primary Program is coming up on September 28th, and we are so excited to have your kids share all that they have learned so far this year!

All of the individual parts your children have in the Primary Program have been emailed out, so if you haven't received yours yet, just let Sarah Stevens know and we will get a copy sent to you as soon as possible.  Please help your child practice their part so they will feel confident and ready for the program.  Also, please try to be at church the next two Sundays, as we will be practicing the program extensively and need everyone there to present their parts.

As part of practice for the Primary Program, your child will be staying in the chapel after sacrament meeting for the next two Sundays so we can show them their seating arrangements.  They will NOT be going to the Primary room or their classrooms.  Pickup at the end of church will be from the cultural hall.

Nursery parents - you will bring your nursery child to the Primary room after sacrament meeting.  Since Primary will be meeting in the cultural hall, the nursery is moving to the Primary room for the second hour.  You will still pick up your nursery child from their classroom at the end of the third hour as normal.

That pretty much covers it!  Just keep an eye out for the Primary invitations that will be coming home with your child on Sunday.  We look forward to sharing the program with all of our family and friends!